Subway Station Art: Kosciuszko Street Station

Recently I was hunting for street art in Brooklyn and took a subway line I don’t normally travel. In the part of Brooklyn I was in, the line goes above ground, and as we approached the Kosciuszko Street station I spotted a mural on a nearby building. Although I originally intended to travel a station or two further, I decided to go ahead and get off the train here. And was I glad that I did! Not only did I find numerous murals in the vicinity of the station, I actually found some subway station art I hadn’t discovered before as well.

The Kosciuszko Street station is home to a series of 16 stained glass windows designed by artist Ronald Calloway. Collectively, the installation is called Euphorbias. Upon further research, I discovered that Euphorbia refers to a “large genus of plants in the spurge family.”

The MTA Arts & Design website provides this description of Calloway’s Euphorbias:

In Euphorbias, the artist used botanical imagery as a metaphor for life and growth in the communities that surround the elevated Kosciuszko Street station. The artwork … creates the sensation of growth, as if energy is radiating outward from the center of the images to the tips of the forms. Brightly colored plants, some of which resemble the sun and its rays, are in full bloom on the platform.

Here are some examples of what you will find at the station.


Want to see Euphorbias for yourself? Just take the J train into Brooklyn to the Kosciuszko Street station.

19 thoughts on “Subway Station Art: Kosciuszko Street Station

  1. Absolutely lovely. I don’t know how you find the time to visit all these places and record them so diligently, and I am loving all your street/graffiti art Instagram posts.

    1. I spend at least one full day each weekend exploring, and try to do a range of things in a cluster – I love to walk every street in a neighborhood, especially when I’m looking for street art, and I stumble upon other gems like this along the way. It’s not uncommon for me to take somewhere between 500 and 1000 photos in a weekend, and walk anywhere from 10 to 20 miles total. I do the full day by myself, as it’s one of the ways I recharge my batteries after a long week. If I do a second day, it is usually shorter and with my wife – who is not as patient with me taking a huge number of photos! Instagram is great – it allows me to post photos before I have the time to sit down and write a full blog post about what I’ve found.

      1. Psychogeography is alive and well with you. Great way to spend your weekends. I would want to do the same, but demands from the family shorten my opportunities…maybe when they leave home or I retire.

      2. It would be harder to do with kids, for sure. But you do other things for yourself that have the same effect, I am sure, even if the time element is different. I can’t wait to see this year’s Upfest photos!

      3. I still haven’t finished last year’s lot. I may have to adopt a slightly different strategy this year. At least I have a two-day pass from Mrs Scooj!

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