NYC Gift Guide

Looking for gifts designed and made in New York City? Here’s my gift guide featuring some of my favorite local designers, artists, and businesses. Not seeing what you want on this list? Stop by this page again soon, as I add new suggestions on a regular basis.

Children’s Gifts

Blink Blink: Brooklyn-based Blink Blink sells innovative gifts meant to stir creativity and interest in technology. They have several different circuitry kits that can be used to make everything from holiday cards to sewing and craft projects that light up. I’ve previously featured Blink Blink’s circuitry kits here.

Goose Grease: Goose Grease creates adorable wooden dolls for children. Choose from pre-painted sets, such as the Brooklyn Family, Peacemakers, or Animals, order a custom-painted set, or buy blank dolls and paint your own. I’ve previously featured Goose Grease dolls here.

Hazel Village: Hazel Village’s dolls, made of organic cotton, are whimsical and delightful. The company also sells a variety of outfits and costumes for the dolls. I’ve previously featured Hazel Village’s dolls here.

Home Grown Books: Home Grown books publishes beautifully illustrated books meant to feed children’s creativity and imaginations. I’ve previously featured Home Grown Books here.

The Owl Workshop: The Owl Workshop creates adorable organic cotton baby clothes, many with New York-specific screen-printed designs. I’ve previously featured The Owl Workshop here.

Clothing and Bags

Insiders1: Insiders1 is a Brooklyn-based company that creates bags and accessories incorporating urban photography. I’ve previously featured Insiders1 here.

Karema Deodato Millinery: Karema’s hats are stylish and well-crafted. They’d make a unique gift for a style-conscious recipient. I’ve previously featured Karema’s hats here.

NatureVsFuture: Clothing designer Nina Valenti’s collection is fashion-forward and innovative, with unique details that catch the eye. I’ve previously featured NatureVsFuture here.

Susanna Thompson: Susannah’s denim, canvas, and burlap bags make great gifts–or they could serve as the gift bag for other gifts, a gift that keeps on giving. I’ve previously featured Susannah’s bags here.

The Brooklyn Block: The Brooklyn Block integrates technology and fashion with their beautiful scarves. They start by taking video of a New York City Neighborhood. The video is then processed in code, and finally is printed onto each scarf. I’ve previously featured The Brooklyn Block here.

Viva Zapata!: These colorful bags are designed by Brooklyn resident Tania, and are made from leftover scraps from companies manufacturing vividly-colored seat covers for buses in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve previously featured Viva Zapata’s bags here.

Food and Drink

Descendant Cider Company: Descendant Cider Company makes delicious ciders that are the perfect thing for holiday celebrations. Buy some to serve at your own parties or holiday dinners, or bottles would also make great stocking stuffers or hostess gifts. I’ve previously featured Descendant Cider Company’s ciders here.

Fatty Sundays Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Fatty Sundays makes a variety of gourmet chocolate covered pretzels, including seasonal flavors. They’d make a great stocking stuffer.

Liddabit Sweets: Based in Brooklyn, Liddabit Sweets makes delicious gourmet popcorn, caramels, and chocolate bars.

MarieBelle New York Chocolates: MarieBelle’s chocolates are sumptuous, and they are presented in a way that makes them appealing, perfect for gifts. I’ve previously featured MarieBelle Chocolates here.

Mast Brothers Chocolate: Mast Brothers makes high quality chocolate bars and other chocolate products, perfect for stocking stuffers.

Nunu Chocolates: Nunu Chocolates makes a variety of delicious items that would make great stocking stuffers, such as Salt Caramels and Chocolate Grahams. The company also sells chocolate for gourmet hot chocolate. I’ve previously featured Nunu Chocolates here.

Salty Road Salt Water Taffy: Salty Road, a Brooklyn-based company, makes a variety of delicious salt water taffy flavors–from the traditional to gourmet. This taffy would make a great stocking stuffer.


Barbara Wilkinson Jewelry: Barbara’s delicate jewelry combines semi-precious gemstones from India with handcrafted pendants and charms from Indonesia and Thailand. I’ve previously featured her jewelry here.

Judith Haas: Judith’s jewelry designs are unique and earthy, with shades of copper, bronze, and turquoise, as well as more traditional metals. Judith Haas has a booth at the 2015 Grand Central Holiday Fair.

Pauletta Brooks: Pauletta’s wearable art makes a statement, and her jewelry would be a great gift for someone special. I’ve previously featured her jewelry here.

Soluna Soluna: The owners of Brooklyn-based Soluna Soluna design jewelry with a New York City-themed twist: the jewelry features local area codes. They also make other great jewelry and accessories. I’ve previously featured Soluna Soluna here.

For Pets (or Pet Lovers)

Kitty Jones: Kitty Jones offers a variety of cat toys and other handmade items, including catnip-filled mice and scratch pads. I’ve previously featured Kitty Jones here.

The Owl Workshop: In addition to their children’s clothing (mentioned above), The Owl Workshop also designs notecards and dog clothing and accessories. I’ve previously featured The Owl Workshop here.

Rescue Chocolate: Rescue Chocolate’s chocolate bars are made in Brooklyn and are organic, vegan, kosher, and fair traded. The chocolate bars come in several flavors and make great stocking stuffers. The best part – their profits go towards supporting animal rescue organizations. I’ve previously featured Rescue Chocolate here.

Skin Care

Malaya Organics: Malaya Organics is a line of natural and organic beauty products, handcrafted in Brooklyn. Their bath products, candles, and soaps would make great stocking stuffers. I’ve previously featured Malaya Organics here.

Miscellaneous Gifts and Fun Stuff

Boundless Brooklyn: If you’re looking for a unique New York City-themed gift, Boundless Brooklyn is a great place to start. The company creates DIY models of water towers, billboards, and lifeguard shacks, made from 100% recycled materials. I’ve previously featured Boundless Brooklyn here and here.

Citybitz: Citybitz owner and designer Joan Huggard draws from New York City for design inspiration, as well as materials in some circumstances, to create classic personal accessories such as cuff links, cigarette cases, and flasks. I’ve previously featured Citybitz here.

Claudia Pearson: Claudia Pearson is an illustrator, and her New York City-themed kitchen items, including tea towels, aprons, and coffee cups.

DeLong Ceramics: Artisan Denise DeLong creates beautiful ceramic tiles and Christmas ornaments, with most having a New York City theme. I’ve previously featured DeLong Ceramics here.

Eve Devore: Eve Devore’s magical owl prints are colorful and whimsical, making them a perfect gift for a creative person. I’ve previously featured Eve Devore’s art here.

Verrier Boutique: Verrier Boutique designs beautiful New York and fashion-themed greeting cards and prints, which are hand embellished by artisans in New York City. I have previously featured Verrier Boutique here.

With Love, From Brooklyn: Looking for a one-stop shop for gifts made in Brooklyn. With Love, From Brooklyn is a good place to start. The company’s founder has carefully curated a variety of delicious food products and other fun New York City-themed gift items. I’ve previously featured With Love, From Brooklyn here.


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