David Bowie Is Here: A Subway Station Installation

I often write about the public art in NYC subway stations, but the recent David Bowie installation in the Broadway – Lafayette subway station in Manhattan was a real treat. The installation, titled David Bowie Is Here, celebrated Bowie’s life and music in New York City. It was meant to draw attention to a David Bowie exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Unfortunately, the subway station installation just ended, but the museum exhibition continues until July 15.

Everywhere you looked in the station there was something to see – photographs representing Bowie’s albums and career, quotes about his views of living in New York City, even song lyrics on the station steps! There was also a map showing locations where Bowie lived and worked in the neighborhood surrounding the station. For anyone who loved David Bowie’s music, the installation was a real treat!

Here are some of the images I captured of the installation, but there were many more.

At some point, I’ll go to the points on the map and write a post about what I find. I’m also hoping to make it to the Brooklyn Museum exhibition before it closes!

17 thoughts on “David Bowie Is Here: A Subway Station Installation

  1. Thank you for sharing such a personal look at something I never would have seen or known about otherwise. Well done! Your photography is amazing. Your descriptions are just right for a well-guided tour – not long and wordy. This is a delightful post.

  2. Aunt Judi biased? She’s just speaking truth to quality! What an amazing tribute this installation is, especially the use of the stairs. How did you manage to eradicate New York crowds? Was it a bit weird, walking all over him? I like the inclusion of quotes from him, and the portrayal of his many faces. A pity about not synchronising exhibition and installation.

    1. I was extremely patient, who’s
      Cu is how I got so many shots without people! It was such a well-done installation, and fun to see everyone else’s responses. New Yorkers truly felt he was one of us, and there was a huge reaction here when he died.

  3. Wow, this is really cool. I particularly like the staircases – decorated staircases seem to be fashionable at the moment, I’ve seen a few. Bowie was just beautiful in all his guises, a work of art in himself. The music wasn’t bad either!

    1. They did such a great job showing the range within his artistic identity – and the installation showed a lot of range in methods as well. He really was beautiful, wasn’t he? That bone structure!

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