March for Our Lives NYC

This past weekend people around the world marched in solidarity with Americans seeking stronger gun control regulations in the United States after numerous mass tragedies in recent years. I was privileged to participate in and document the March for Our Lives here in New York City, and I was struck by a variety of thoughts during the march. First, I was struck with how little progress has been made in reforming gun laws in the almost 20 years since the mass shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. I reflected on the many people who have been killed, as well as those whose lives have been forever changed, as a result of gun violence. But, importantly, this march also gave me a new sense of hope. The march was led by young people of all different backgrounds and experiences, and I could see the future in their eyes. As they grow old enough, they are registering to vote, and I believe that their efforts will eventually lead to long-term change.

Here are several photos to give you a sense of the spirit of Saturday’s march. I’ve focused mostly on the high school students at the march, although I’ve also included photos of those parents, teachers, and other adults marching with them.

I look forward to seeing what these teenagers do in the future!

14 thoughts on “March for Our Lives NYC

  1. I didn’t go to the March but I stand with these young people . We as adults have failed them badly. We need to stop the excuses in this country. We all know we have a mental health issue in this country, but why is it a mental health issue for some people yet when a person of color does it, they’re labeled as thugs, drug dealers, terrorists and everything else but the name their mama’s gave them. When those precious little babies were killed in Newtown , SOME THING should have clicked in these politicians mind’s . It didn’t and we will continue having this discussion in this country . We as Americans deserve so much better than this.

  2. I have been so impressed by the young people who have taken the lead after this latest atrocity. Looking in from the outside I just don’t understand why so many Americans cannot see why change is necessary. We have strict gun laws and our last school shooting was 1996.

    1. I agree, Anabel. Unfortunately, a minority of Americans has had the greatest voice on this issue for too long. I’m hopeful that we will see things change though – Since the 2016 election, people are becoming much more actively involved in the political process rather than passively watching things happen.

  3. Graham

    While I’m no expert on American politics, it seems the NRA has far too much influence for tight gun control to ever occur (wouldn’t it be great if they could be banned?), but I hope people power can win for once. It is a joy when the masses can influence the dealings of the wealthy power brokers occasionally. I wish someone would have the courage to campaign for president on strong policies that are for the greater good in areas like this for a change.

  4. I don’t really see where this pro-gun lunacy is all coming from. If you don’t get this issue settled, I think it will be a huge turning point in the history of your country, and not for the better.

  5. The March for Our Lives event in DC and the sister marches around the country and the world were so inspirational. While it is going to be a long battle, I believe the young people leading the way will have a lasting impact and change the conversation on gun reform in our country.

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