Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

New York City has a parade to celebrate almost anything (and anyone) but among the best is the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. Billed as the largest dog parade in the world, the annual parade includes hundreds of costumed dogs and their owners. Anyone can participate – no advanced registration is necessary, and the suggested registration at the door is only $5.00. Some dogs wear store-bought costumes, and others sport costumes made by their owners. In fact, some dog parents get in on the act, dressing themselves to match the theme of their dogs’ outfits. There are even prizes for the best costumes!

Here are some of my favorites from this year’s parade, which took place yesterday. It was a warm, sunny day, perfect for watching or participating in a parade.

First, Chihuahuas Tansy and Corazon, who as a lobster and a mermaid were definitely a sweet catch. (They have their own Instagram account: @TheLilGremlins.)

Our other Instagram couple had more of a political leaning, probably making the most sense for my American followers – here are a couple of members of the current president’s press team. This is Itty Bitty the Griff (@ittystagram), playing the role of Kellyanne Conway,  and Ralphie (@ralphienyc), playing Sean Spicer.

Aside from these more famous participants, there were plenty of other options out there, from pizza pups to the Pope.

How about a bark-ista from the nearest Star-barks?

Several dogs, like this one, appear to have been inspired by the novel and TV series, The Handmaid’s Tale.


There was the Weber grill dog, complete with shish kebabs.

How about the “Chick Magnet”?

And finally, one of my favorites, who looked like one cool pup.

We left inspired for next year’s parade, when our dog Newton will be old enough to participate. What kind of costume do you think we should create for him?

25 thoughts on “Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

    1. You may absolutely say so – although I have to say that many of them appeared to be enjoying it. Many New York City dogs are dressed up on a regular basis, and they tend to be used to being around large numbers of people as well. There were a few that looked stressed (and we thought our dog would be, which is why he wasn’t there), but most looked amazingly unstressed.

  1. City dogs are different–they are used to being around big groups of people, put in backpacks, etc. Some very creative ideas! Make sure Newton is comfortable–I am sure he can carry anything off.

    1. You are so right – they are used to doing all kinds of things, including riding the subway! Newton has a stroller that makes it easier to travel on the subway with him. We were thinking that it might make it easier to keep him from being stepped on next year’s parade (because of the crowds) if we incorporate it into his costume – something like astronaut with spaceship, train conductor and train, etc.

  2. Love the dog in the Handmaid’s Tale (Tail?) costume. Reminds me of my late pup, Ralph. Also love the dogs and their people matching: Set and the pharaoh, the nun and pope. I think I might have to time my next NYC visit to coincide with this parade.

  3. I LOVE IT! I would much rather see doggies dressed up once a year, enjoying the company of their owners, than dogs who are left all alone most of the time. You can tell if a dog is happy… ~ Lynn

  4. Graham

    It’s a good job dogs are not short-tempered and are patient as a rule isn’t it? 😄 Hard to understand why people like to dress them up though…pretty weird…

  5. Some fun costumes. I like Beauty and the Beast although they’re all great. We have a lab and he’s not a fan of dressing up but I always love seeing the creative costumes that people come up with for their pets.

    1. Our puppy is getting used to dressing up – his fur is so thin he has to wear a sweater or coat when the temperatures start dropping, so he is pretty unconcerned about it all. Although we did try a decorative fall jester’s collar around his neck that had dangling pom poms, and he wasn’t so fun of that!

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