Subway Station Art: Christopher Street Station

It’s been quite some time since I last featured some of New York City’s wonderful subway art, so I thought I thought I would show you the mosaics at the Christopher Street station today. These twelve mosaics, collectively known as “The Greenwich Village Murals,” show some of the interesting and diverse history of the Greenwich Village neighborhood surrounding this station. They were created by ceramic artist Lee Grozwol, in collaboration with fifth and six grade students from a local school (Public School 41).

The murals are divided into four sets of three murals each, with the following subtitles: Bohemians, Founders, Providers, and Rebels. There is a key for each set of murals on the wall nearby, helping visitors to identify each person featured in the murals.

For example, here are the Founders:

And here is the key for that set of murals:

Here are the Providers:

Here are the Bohemians:

And finally, here are the Rebels.

Want to see these wonderful mosaic murals in person? Take the 1 train to the Christopher Street station. There are different panels on each platform, so you will have to switch sides to see them all.

19 thoughts on “Subway Station Art: Christopher Street Station

  1. What a diverse lot each group is! Startled to see Henry James there, but I didn’t know where Washington Square is! You are filling many abysses of ignorance for me. The images are in an interesting style – do they owe something to Native American art? Or am I just being ignorant again???

    1. They really are an interesting style, but I didn’t find anything about the artist’s inspiration except for an interest in showing diverse people. There was a group of about 9 or 10 children who worked on the project with the artist – it’s possible that the style was influenced by them as well.

    1. Thanks! I haven’t been away, but work has kept me very busy. I’m an assistant dean at a law school, and I taught a class that started the last week of July and went through August. That, in combination with the start of the Fall semester, meant I had little extra time for a couple of months. I’ve still been exploring though, so there are a lot of posts coming soon!

      1. Looking at all of the murals, I think they took quite a bit of creative license so that they could incorporate the symbolism they wanted and break down time barriers between the people they chose to feature. (But that’s just my guess.)

  2. cmieko

    This is great! Love the history and art lesson right at our fingertips. This would make a great outing for homeschoolers (or for any young students).

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