Subway Station Art: The 1 Train’s 86th Street Station

I write about art in New York City subway stations fairly regularly; the art at the 1 train’s 86th Street station should be on the list of places to visit if you have an interest in public art in subway stations. Once you arrive on the station’s platforms, you will discover a series of 40 ceramic glazed tiles, each with an image of life on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Titled Westside Views, the project was a collaboration between artist Nitza Tufiño and 17 young people, mostly from the Grosvenor Community House educational programs in the neighborhood.

The project was very successful. Here is what Nitza Tufiño had to say about it: “As an artist, if I take my brushes and my skills and I invest in the lives of young people, then others can see what is possible … I believe human beings can do anything, if we find something that would positively influence them.”

Here are some examples of the Westside Views artwork.

So what is your favorite? I have several. The clown made me laugh (although I find clowns a bit creepy). I love the dads pushing their kids in strollers, as well as the last one with the hot dog stand.

13 thoughts on “Subway Station Art: The 1 Train’s 86th Street Station

  1. Rose Marie

    Susan, this is all so beautiful. I love the Latin people and their fabulous art. You are so talented in choosing, photographing and writing about it! Thank you.

  2. Hard to say! I like the intergenerational aspects – I see daughter, mother, grandmother sitting on a bench and a young man holding his grandmother’s hand. Also the elderly couple boarding the bus.

  3. So many to choose from, and such representations of ordinary life. I particularly like the three generations of women sitting on a bench, the woman getting on the bus, and the young man supporting the old woman with a walking stick. The artist is an expert at conveying body language – as you are at conveying subway art!

    (I see my preferences match Anabel’s)

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