NYC’s Colorful Dance Parade

New York City has parades celebrating many things, and one of the most fun is the Dance Parade. Yesterday was the 11th annual Dance Parade and Festival, which according to the organizers is held “to inspire dance through the celebration of diversity.”

The parade was a riot of colors and sounds, and the diversity of the dancers was truly magnificent. My favorite part of the parade: the look of joy on so many of the dancers’ faces. I think these photos speak for themselves!

Don’t these photos make you want to dance? What was your favorite?

21 thoughts on “NYC’s Colorful Dance Parade

    1. I really loved her as well. I took over 300 photos, just hoping to capture something good since everyone was moving. I was amazed at how many times I captured people engaged in their dance like she was. It was almost better looking at the photos than it was watching the parade firsthand!

    1. The stilt walkers were amazing – One in particular did some amazing tricks that just didn’t translate into still photography. It made me wish I’d taken some video. I loved the costumes of the cowboys – they were so detailed.

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