Subway Station Art: East Broadway Station

The subway station at East Broadway on Manhattan’s Lower East Side has a beautiful ceramic tile mural by artist Noel Copeland. Copeland was born in Jamaica, but he immigrated to the United States and received his art education at the Pratt Institute School of Art and Design. He currently lives in New York City, and he has several public art installations across New York City, located in public schools, public housing complexes, community centers, and public transportation stations.

The mural at East Broadway is titled Displacing Details and is 24 feet long. In creating the mural, Copeland drew inspiration from historic buildings on the Lower East Side. In 1991, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority awarded Copeland the Arts for Transit Creative Station Award for Displacing Details.

Here are a few photos of the mural. The first one shows the panel in the middle, which I love. There’s also a great border that surrounds the entire mural and illustrates various architectural details.




If you are interested in seeing Displacing Details yourself, take the F train to East Broadway. The mural is on the mezzanine level.

13 thoughts on “Subway Station Art: East Broadway Station

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them. The subway station art in New York City does make taking public transportation every day more enjoyable. There is such a variety of art offered from one station to the next.

  1. If I could name all the architectural details in the frame, I’d be on the way to knowledge! Will you ever run out of stations to feature??

    (Pete was my neighbour at home, whose tragic life became too much for him last Sunday.)

  2. Beautiful art piece. The colors go together so well. My daughter is studying at Pratt Institute and loves it. They had one project where they had to show how different colors look depending on how they are paired with other colors. It was amazing to see the difference. Color is so important in art.

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