Lord & Taylor’s Holiday Windows 2016: Enchanted Forest

New York City is a magical place during the holiday season, and those seeking activities to put themselves in the Christmas spirit can find endless activities to enjoy. Of course there are the Christmas trees at locations like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural History, which I’ve featured before here and here. But both New York City residents and visitors alike always look forward to the department store holiday windows, wondering what each store’s them will be for the current season. One of my favorites this year is Lord & Taylor’s Enchanted Forest, a delightful set of windows that appeals to both adults and children. Here are some of the photos I took of the Enchanted Forest recently.










If you are in New York City for the holidays, I encourage you to check the Lord & Taylor windows out. They are even better in person, especially with the animation and moving figures! Lord & Taylor is located on Fifth Avenue between 38th and 39th Streets, just a short distance from Bryant Park and the iconic New York Public Library building. It is easily accessible by subway or bus.

15 thoughts on “Lord & Taylor’s Holiday Windows 2016: Enchanted Forest

    1. They really are gorgeous, Marion! Wish you could see them in person. I’ve had a hiatus from blogging as the semester was winding down – so busy leading up to final exams! But I’m back now, with a backlog of things to blog about and a need to catch up with my blogging friends as well. I’ll be around to check out what you’ve been up to very soon!

  1. Brings back my childhood. We always went into the city (Sydney) to check out department store windows at Christmas. I love the way you give the whole scene and then zoom in. The owl is a particular favourite, but they’re all delicious. Happy festive season to you.

    1. Glad that it brought back happy memories, Meg. The owl was my favorite as well – everything moved, and the mother owl opened and closed her wings to protect the babies. I’ve been on hiatus from the blog as the end of the semester was wrapping up, but I’m back to it now and will be popping by your blog soon to see what you’ve been up to! Hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday season as well.

    1. I think the best are those 3, and then also Macy’s. Lord & Taylor puts up scaffolding strung with evergreen garland and lights to shade the windows as well, which makes for a special environment and better viewing during daylight hours.

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